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The mining sector has always been one of the most important industries to the world. Bringing the earth's natural resources to the light of day always has been and still is very hard work.

Becker Mining America is the leading supplier of mining electrical products and services in the western hemisphere with the corporate headquarters located in Huntington, West Virginia. Together with over 350 employees across the United States, Canada and South America, Becker Mining America is able to provide innovative electrics allowing mines to operate safe and more efficiently.

Becker Mining America is solidly committed to providing the safest mining production for the market today. Our goals are to provide the mines across the western hemisphere with the most technologically advance mining products that meet regulatory requirements, quickly delivered with 100% product quality. In addition to our three plants in West Virginia, we have expanded to Virginia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Utah, Canada and Chile.

Becker Mining Systems provides complete mine wide solutions for underground mining in the fields of Energy Distribution, Automation, Communication as well as Electrical Contracting.

Product Spotlight


New Technology: Becker Continues to Redefine the Mining Market

Becker Mining America's Patented arc resistant electrical equipment, branded ARC Guard™ Mine Power Center, Provides an added degree of protection above standard MSHA requirement. In addition to bolted faults, the ARC Guard™ is designed and performance tested to ANSI/IEEE C37.20.7 to provide protection from the hazards of internal arcing faults. We believe this product is the most exciting innovation to happen to the mining industry in 40 years.

Additional features include:

• Patent Pending
• Unit Type Tested at KEMA Power Labs
• Passed Stringent ANSI C37 Standards
• Isolated Low Voltage Compartment
• Isolated Transformer
• Isolated Primary Disconnect

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